Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School with EcoBrain Books

" the only online bookstore, focused on green living and environmental education, helps educators and students green their education experience.

Offering thousands of popular environmental education titles in eBook format, gives students, educators and parents the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the environment by conserving trees, bypassing fuel used and carbon emissions produced through trucking and overseas shipping and by circumventing paper and print manufacturing practices (among the most damaging to air, land and water in the United States.) Because eBooks bypass all of these processes,they are available at 30% below retail, making them a popular choice for budget and eco conscious educators and students.

For a limited time, get 50% OFF of all New Learning science novel studies, workbooks and activity guides at Click here for a listing of sales:

Brand New, from New Learning Publishing, Understanding The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming. Was $8.25, now $4.13. developed to foster understanding of the Greenhouse Effect and the impact that Human Activity has on this effect. Upon completion of this unit students will understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the Greenhouse Effect. Each section devoted on a specific area of the risks and benefits, natural hazards, resources, and environments are followed by a quiz on material covered.

From Routledge, The Basics of Environmental Science, Was $33.95, now $30.56. by Offers an engaging introduction to environmental study, covering the entire breadth of the environmental sciences and providing concise, non-technical explanations of physical processes and systems and the effects of human activities.

From Chelsea Green, Climate Solutions, $9.95. This guide ushers in the next stage of the global-warming debate. In the first stage, we discussed the problem. In the next stage, we must choose solutions. Should we adopt a carbon tax? A carbon cap? A trading system that allows companies to "offset" their emissions by paying others to plant trees? This guide examines these proposals and many others. It's essential reading for anyone who wants to stop climate change before it's too late.

Council Oak Books, Earth Child 2000, Was 26.95, now $16.17 A classic treasury of resources for teaching young children about the environment. The original Earth Child --a favorite for Head Start, pre-schools, elementary schools, scout troops, nature centers, national parks, and families -has been updated with new resources in each chapter. offers unit studies, activity books, workbooks and texts for grade school, high school and even difficult-to-find college texts, all focused on the very important field of environmental education. EcoBrain is an affordable, quick way to integrate such lessons into traditional science courses of study, while at the same time, making an eco-friendly buying choice."

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