Monday, September 8, 2008

Cleaning with EcoDiscoveries Products

Well, I used some of the EcoDiscoveries all natural cleaning products over the weekend. Some worked OK, some were not so OK and a couple were wonderful.

The air refresher did nothing. Nada, zilch. I couldn't tell a difference and I have a nose. Seriously, my family calls me a bloodhound.

The bathroom tub and tile cleaner did a decent job on my impossible rust stained tub and tile but it gave me that same tight chest, can't catch my breath feeling that regular cleaners do. And that was with the windows and doors open while cleaning. I have multiple chemical sensitivities which is one reason I opt for natural cleaners. So I'm not sure about the tub and tile cleaner, I can't personally use it again.

The regular bathroom cleaner did a good job. I used it on the sink, vanity, walls and floor. Nice job.

The mold and mildew cleaner...fabulous. It touched spots and stains that nothing else has.

I still have to try a few of the other products. Didn't want to spend the whole weekend in the house cleaning.

Once I have tested all the products I will type up a more formal review with product ingredients, and business background info.

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