Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Plum Organics for Kids

As a mother of three, I love convenient food. Quick, easy, simple food. But I worry about the nutritional value of a lot of things that come out of a boxes and get thrown into the microwave. Not to mention the waste. Those little plastic containers are not accepted by my local recycling facility.

Plum Organics has solved that problem. They now offer 4 varieties of microwavable meals for kids that come in biodegradable microwavable containers. The cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials and are recyclable, and everything is made with clean energy. Totally carbon neutral.

Plum Organics Kids comes in 4 yummy flavors Organic pork Italian sausage marinara sauce over multi grain pasta with a veggie medley of peas, carrots, corn and green beans (this is every one's favorite in my household), cheese filled spinach tortellini with marinara sauce and carrots and peas (not so much, no one is a tortellini fan here), rainbow pasta shells with creamy Parmesan sauce and peas and carrots (yum, my little guy LOVED this one), and bowtie pasta with creamy sweet potato sauce and a veggie delight mixture of edamame. corn and red bell pepper ( I tried this one, no one else would).

The multi grain pasta with marinara and pork was the best. We all tried it, even my husband (Mr. Italian) liked it. My nine year old daughter really loved it.

The second best was the rainbow pasta with creamy Parmesan sauce, my two year old loved it even downed the peas and carrots and wanted more.

No one cared for the tortellini, of course no one here is a tortellini fan. Sorry, personal preference. If you do happen to like tortellini I'm sure you'll like it.

Everyone was scared to try the creamy sweet potato sauce pasta. I happen to like sweet potatoes so I gave it a try. It was actually pretty good. The veggies were good too, except for the red pepper. For some reason I HATE red bell peppers.

I love that Plum Organics Kids are healthy options for on the go days, plus they are made with with earth friendly ideals and make them easy on a mom's conscience.

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