Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is Over The New Year is Coming

It is always sad when Christmas is over but it is also a relief. This year was crazy hectic but still good.

Our gifts were full of eco-friendly offerings including hand made jewelry, cards, and other presents along with organic cotton t-shirts, and of course my daughter received her Maggie's Organics sock monkey. My little guy is enjoying his Lincoln Logs.

We had some unique items that were previously owned, heirloom and very vintage cool. Treasure hunting for fabulous finds is great. My mom gave my oldest a bank that is a replica of a 1908 car. She's had it for over 34 years and it was still in the box. He loves it. He's a major car guy. I just hope he treasures the bank.

I received two beautiful jewelry sets that my mother made, absolutely beautiful. I also received a faucet mounted water filter that I have been wanting. It's one that has the flavor cartridge so I can add a dash of flavor to my water if I want.

My husband and I made a beautiful wine bottle lamp for my mom. We filled it with red LED lights and decorated it with red grapes and gold sparkle leaves and berries. I'll post a photo soon.

We tried to be more eco-friendly this year. I felt bad that I didn't buy as much as I have in the past but really I don't think anyone noticed. All in all it was a great Christmas, but I am sooo it is over. I am looking forward to ringing in the new year.

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Anne-Marie said...

A faucet mounted water purifier is a great gift. I just love the taste of delicious, fresh water that doesn't taste like chlorine. =)