Monday, December 1, 2008

DIY Eco-Chic Soap from Bramble Berry

Eco Chic Soap:
Learn How to Make Your Own “Green” Suds
With Bramble Berry

Using your leftover soymilk and tofu cartons was never this fun! The environmentally conscious can now recycle in a new, creative way with Bramble Berry Inc., a provider of the highest quality ingredients for making personalized soaps.

When deciding what to add to your soap, think green! Herbs, oatmeal, coffee, spirulina, clay and charcoal each add a specific enhancement to the skin through their naturally occurring properties. With easy-to-follow recipes, Bramble Berry ’s eco chic soap can transform even the most novice crafters into “green” mini-Marthas.
These green soaps will make fabulous hand made presents. Supplies available at
Ingredients Needed:
coffee grounds
clay or charcoal
1 pound (16 ounces)Bramble Berry 'melt and pour' soap organic base
1 ounce essential oil (we used lavender and eucalyptus)
Soap mold (or Tupperware, or anything you find like an empty yogurtcontainer, old tofu container, empty soy milk container, etc.)
Rubbing Alcohol
1. Prep your herbs and make sure they are the right size for gentle exfoliation. Sharp herbs may be too abrasive on the skin.
2. Cut the 'melt and pour' soap into 1 x 1" cubes.
3. Using your microwave, heat the soap in 30-second increments until the soap is fully melted.
4. Add .25 ounces to .50 ounces of essential oil. Remember, ifyou use a yellow or orange colored fragrance, your soap base will look lessclear and look more yellow/orange.
5. Mix in your herbs or additives. Stir until the herbs seem mostly suspended.
6. Pour your scented and herb'ed soap into the make-shift mold.
7. Tip: Don't fill your make-shift soap mold all the way up. It helps for easy release to fill 85% of the way to the top and not the entire way.
8. Do one finishing touch of rubbing alcohol to finish off your soap and give it a nice smooth surface

Wait for the soap to harden, pop or unwrap the soap out of the mold, wrap soap with saran wrap, label and enjoy the compliments you get.

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