Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sarah Pinto's 2009 Weekly Planners

I am a paper junkie, no matter how green I am, I can never go completely paperless. My love affair with paper will never end, the touch, the look, the feel of it in my hands...

Even though I have electronic gadgets all my daily stuff gets written down. If it is not on my calendar or my official to do list it doesn't get done.

That's why I have fallen in love with Sarah Pinto's very green weekly planner books.

"Sarah Pinto's 2009 Weekly Planners are a simple, functional and fun organizational solution. These durable planners measure 5” by 7” and are made with high-quality recycled paper, soy-based ink and they are printed and bound in San Francisco, California. With five unique cover designs, Sarah Pinto’s 2009 Weekly Planners are a stylish, eco-friendly answer to your busy everyday schedule."

Partial proceeds from the sale of the pink tapestry planners
(pictured here) are donated to the California Pacific Medical Center Pediatric Cardiology, a place very near and dear to her heart, and that of her son Charlie, who was born with a heart defect at CPMC.

If you are a hand writing, paper loving, eco-conscious person like me these planners should go on your Christmas list.

I am just old fashioned when it comes to writing everything down. It took me along time to actually write through a computer without handwriting everything first, but when it comes to important things it helps me remember it all if I write it down.

I am glad someone came up with an eco-friendly solution to the regular paper planner.

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