Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mad About Minerals: Loving Eve Organics Mineral Foundation

I've been using Eve Organics Mineral Foundation for over a week now and I am really getting the hang of it. I can almost get my make up on without covering myself in the powder. That's the only downfall to mineral make up, the powder mess goes everywhere. Though the brush I have is really great, it grabs the powder and doesn't just let it fall all over the place.

If you haven't tried mineral cosmetics yet you should give it a try. You'll be amazed at how different they are...and how wonderful they work. "Eve Organics’ mineral makeup is free of preservatives, talc, fragrances, dyes and oils. The recent surge in mineral makeup popularity has caused many companies to cut the pure mineral makeup with inferior ingredients to make it go further. "

Eve Organics also has a skincare for just about any type of skin.

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Anne-Marie said...

I've been using mineral make up powder for a little over a year and love it! I agree, the loose powder can get a little messy. Though I haven't tried it, Elizabeth Arden (or one of the other big names out there) came out with a solid mineral make up powder that comes with a sharpener type mechanism so every time you want to use it, you just twist the sharpener mechanism and it dispenses a little mineral make up. It sounds like a really nice innovation.