Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Need a Make Over

The other day I took my 17 year old son to a specialist about his knee. Both doctors that checked out his knee thought I was my son's sister. They didn't believe I was his mom.

The older guy doctor even had the nerve to ask my age.

I am an old fashioned type girl. There are two things you never ask a lady...her age and her weight. I don't care if you're a doctor or not. He wasn't my doctor and my age had nothing to do with anything.

OK, some of you are probably thinking that it is totally cool to be mistaken for someone so young. Yeah it can be a good thing but career wise it sucks. It also sucks for many other reasons.

  • Sales people ignore me or treat me crappy because they don't think I am going to buy anything or that I'm old enough to buy anything.
  • I get carded for everything. I got carded at the mall one day. (Our mall has a rule no one under 18 is allowed without an adult at certain times of day) Anyway, I got freakin carded at the mall.
  • When my husband and I went to vote, everyone totally ignored me and talked to him about candidates and gave him fliers.
  • When it comes to jobs, sales and professional stuff I really never get taken seriously. It kinda sucks.

Don't get me wrong. I love the fact that I look young. I just wish I could look young and still be taken seriously.

I have no desire to look like an old woman so I don't dress like one. When I have something important to do I put on business type clothes but usually I am in jeans and some type of girly top, whether it's a tight t-shirt or a tunic or a babydoll t-shirt. That's what I wear. I don't think I look like a teenager or someone in my twenties. And I sure don't act like it. The drama...never want to go back to all that.

Anyway...on with my look. I have tons of naturally wavy hair that is wash and dry on its own styled. I don't do much with it. It takes to long. To style my hair I need a good two hours to blow dry and curl the stuff...yes it is so thick it takes that long, I know I used to do it a lot before my youngest was born now I don't have the time or energy.

I am not a fashionista or a high maintenance type of woman. But I would like to look a little more sophisticated or something. Just so people don't mistake me for being...I don't know my son's sister or something his girlfriend (that is just gross by the way, that's my son, my first born, I changed his diapers). There's a story behind that one. One day just me and my boys were out. The little guy was only about a year at the time. The boys look a lot a like, they both have blond hair and blue eyes unlike my dark haired dark eyed daughter. A lady actually thought my oldest and I were the parents of the little guy. Talk about my kids needing therapy later!

I just don't know how to look more sophisticated- which I need to do soon once I start doing more book promotion and platform building for my next books. Clothes alone don't seem to do it, I just feel and look like a kid playing dress up.

My problem is that I am short, 5'2" and I have a cherub's face. An eternally youthful cherub face. I get it from my mom and grandma. My mom is almost 72, never ever would you believe it by looking at her. You might think 55 tops. My grandma died in her eighties without a wrinkle on her face. It's good genetics.

So anyone got ideas, tips, tricks, or products that may help me keep my youthful glow while looking more like a sophisticated grown up?


SkylarKD said...

You look lovely in your photo, but if you're trying to look a bit older, you might try asking your hairdresser (or a new one!)for opinions on a new, shorter haircut. No need to go really short, but a bit shorter with layers might have the desired effect. You could also pop by a beauty counter at the mall for a free makeover and see what they suggest. It's amazing what some new colours and techniques can do to change your appearance!

Wenona said...

I did that, I got over 7 inches cut off my hair and had it layered around my face, didn't help possibly made it worse. LOL. I don't know.

Plus I've done the whole facial, makeover thing a few times and I usually walk away feeling like a streetwalking clown :-) Too much makeup !

I'll keep trying though. Something needs to get better.