Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Review of Eco-Craft: Recycle, Recraft, Restyle

Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle is a really fabulous eco-craft book with over 30 eco-friendly projects for the home.

I am an eco-crafter, I try to look at things creatively to see what I can transform ordinary things into but Susan Wasinger has taken that a step farther. Never would I have considered making stylish screens, room dividers and window shades with the plastic that holds six packs of cans and bottles together. Or the grocery bag light ordinary into beautiful.

I think my absolute favorite project is the baby food jar chandelier. It is soooo beautiful and would look really good in my Italian country style kitchen.

Unfortunately I think I gave all my glass baby food jars away because I had them for years and never did anything with them. I'll have to dig around in the basement, I might have kept one box.

I also really love the old suitcase make-overs, all of the deisgns are fabulous. I'll have to dig around I know I have some old suitcases in the attic I just hope they don't smell. I tried to work with one to transform it but it had been in the basement forever and had a musty smell that wouldn't come out no matter what. I think I finally gave up on that one and threw it out.

I want to to find a few though because my kitties could use a new bed and I could use a footstool.

If you are an eco-crafter of you want to be, you have to check out this book. Susan Wasinger has taken William McDonough's (author of Cradle to Cradle) concept of eliminating waste with creative design and put it to practical use with this stylish how-to book full of stylish, creative and practical projects that are not too difficult to do.

"Eco Craft is a homage to the idea that there is a secret life in even the lowliest garbage. All that is needed is a little coaxing and crafting to bring it back to life and put it to work in our homes and lives."

Wonderful. I am ready to coax and craft after getting this book. I am off to find suitcases, baby food jars and other items I know I have somewhere that I can turn into beautiful and useful items.

Happy green crafting everyone!

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