Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Friends are Good to Have and Mini Magician Makes Things Disappear

The other day the wind was so bad here in Michigan I had a catastrophe at my house. The wind blew off almost all of the siding from the front of my house. I walked into my kitchen, heard a strange noise and saw something flapping in front of my window. I looked out and discovered it was my siding. I was in shock then I was mad.

I freaked and called my husband who was over an hour away. He said he would call someone. he did, called me back and said T and J were coming over. I had hardly hung up with Rob (hubby) when T knocked on the door. In minutes he had a ladder and was up against the house nailing and hammering. Then J dropped by and they determined they needed bigger nails and more tools. My husband made it home in record time and they went to Home Depot got what they needed and put my siding back where it belonged so I could stop panicking.

Sorry, I did so not want to have to deal with the insurance company and days maybe weeks of no siding on the front of my house.

Too bad in all the hubbub of fixing the siding they crushed and trampled some of my flowers.

Oh well, small price to pay to have my house fixed.

It is just so wonderful to have good friends to call on, they were here in minutes...and it is always like that with these guys. If they call Rob he's out the door in seconds, if he calls them they come running.

Good friends are rare and precious gifts.

On another note having a mini magician in the house is not so precious. My toddler who will be three in a couple weeks has the gift of being able to make things disappear. Books, DVD's, toys, clothes, and umost frequently... sippy cups.

Every day at least once we go on a sippy cup hunt. One time we lost one for over a year. Yuck! We finally found it in the back of a little used cabinet. Gross.

Now the problem is my little guy's shoes. Yes, his shoes are gone. We can not find them anywhere and it is driving me nuts. One minute they were there then when we were ready to leave they were totally gone. GONE. My house isn't that big and I have opened every closet, cabinet and cupboard even drawers and found nothing. Where on earth could the shoes have gone.

I might actually have to go buy him new shoes if they don't turn up soon and that is going to really tick me off since those were his new shoes.

Where could my mini magician have hid his shoes?

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