Tuesday, April 28, 2009

May Mania

The month of May is upon me. Yes technically it doesn't start until Friday but my May Mania has already begun.

The month of May leaves me with A LOT to do. Saturday kicks off my daughter's 10th Birthday. So this week I am cleaning, shopping, and planning her small sleepover party.

The following weekend is my husband's birthday. More cleaning, shopping and party prep. Then Sunday is Mother's Day. Yippee, more cleaning, cooking and cleanup or whatever. I would rather not do anything to celebrate. That would be my celebration, a day of nothing to do.

But no my mother would never dream of or understand such nonsense. She wants a big dinner at home or out somewhere which means lines and crowded restaurants and stuff I do not like.

I would love to have even 2 hours alone, no one, nada, nothing to bother me- not even the freakin cat.

Then after all that my littlest child's birthday is May 21st, he'll be 3. More shopping, blah, blah, blah... and more cake. After May I am so done with cake I never ever crave it...ever. I am not a cake person to begin with.

After that is Memorial weekend, parties, cookouts, stuff to keep me busy on top of the mile long to-do list I already have everyday then there's my garden and the lawn and all that stuff that needs to be done outside.

Arg. Can I skip May? As you see I am usually an easy going person but May Mania drives me crazy and makes me just want to skip it all.

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