Friday, June 5, 2009

After the Break In

I am still walking around in a constant state of unease in my own home.

I haven't slept good all week, I should say I've barely slept all week. I toss and turn and lay awake staring at the ceiling then when sleep does finally creep up on me it doesn't last long. I may sleep for a half hour then wake up freakin out over some little noise I heard.

Detective Williams has semi redeemed himself. He has stopped by twice now unexpectedly to follow up some leads (he's actually doing his job) and he wasn't an ass when he was here. So I am not going to take back everything I said about him but I will say he's doing much better now.

I still think the utter absurdity that me...a coupon clipping, gardening, crafting work at home mom of three was being treated like a con artist, scamming criminal was just completely ridiculous. I don't use drugs, I don't engage in illegal activities, I don't even drink much. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I drink a year.

I watch enough cop shows to know that Detectives are usually jerks, par for the course I suppose. Perhaps the cocky attitude is essential to being a detective or maybe they just believe they have to fill the Hollywood stereotypes or maybe it actually serves a purpose and throws people off so they are caught off guard. I don't know but I didn't like it being I was the victim no the criminal.

Anyway I'm over it. Not the break in itself but the treatment I received by the detective. He doesn't know me at all and I don't really care what he thinks of me as long as he's out there doing his job.

I have to live with what happened and deal with that in my own way...however that's going to be. Right now everyone is treating me like I am fragile and need to be checked up on. My mom calls me like a million times a day as does my husband. Even my eldest son's girlfriend drops by to check and see if I'm OK. My husband calls to tell me where he's at, if he's close by and whether or not some of our male friends that live close by are home in case I need anything. It is sweet and it is wonderful that everyone cares that much about me.

Our close friends' 19 year old son (my eldest son's best friend, I call him son 2- together they are son 1 and son 2 like Thing 1 and Thing 2) stayed with me the first two days after the break in so I wouldn't be alone during the day. He even installed a security camera on my front porch over my door.

So everyone is being really wonderful. I just wonder when I am actually going to get it together and really feel as okay as I tell everyone I am.

My husband even tried to teach me how to shoot a gun. Yeah, that didn't go over well. I hate the noise power tools make can you imagine trying to deal with a gun. Ugh! I hated it and I don't care to ever touch it again.

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