Thursday, October 29, 2009

LITTLE MUSIC LOVERS : Available Online and in Stores in time for Holiday Season

"Little Music Lovers, a four CD series for children was released today by Universal Music Classical in time for the holiday season. The music collections provide parents with an opportunity to introduce their babies and toddlers to the world around them by incorporating beautiful, thought-provoking music from the famous Decca catalog.

Little Music Lovers contains famous works by renowned composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart along with well-known lullabies that will accompany little ones through all of their daily activities including play time, story time and of course, bed time.

Classical music is believed by some researchers to cause “The Mozart Effect,” a phenomenon that can potentially aid in the development of math, reasoning and memory skills, while also giving babies and toddlers a head start on learning language.

The musical pieces found in the Little Music Lovers collection were carefully selected for their melodic content, as well as their impact in enhancing early childhood development. Children will learn from the series, while parents can enjoy many hours of beautiful music.

Little Music Lovers is available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders among other participating retailers.

For more information regarding this music release, visit"

I had the chance to listen to a sample of one of these CDs and it is fabulous, the best of what classical music has to offer and specifically geared towards young children.

When my daughter was little she listened to classical music everyday but I lost those CDs long ago.

Now I am glad to have the opportunity to introduce my little guy, who is 3, to this amazing music. (I just wish he would take naps so I could play classical lullabies to him like I did for my daughter, no such luck)

He already loves music and having the Little Music Lovers CDs will open him up to new music that he can enjoy.

Little Music Lovers CDs have four different CDs to choose from: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Lullabies. The CDs are even seperated into categories for what they are best suited for: Activity Time, Play Time, Story Time, and Bed Time.

I haven't heard this Lullabies CD but I had one along time ago that was Classical Music Lullabies for children and it was so wonderful. Put your little one down for a nap and play the classical was great. My daughter slept so good (and she's 10 now and gets straight A's in school, loves to read and is a great little artist).

Maybe it's not too late for my little guy to start listening to classical music...there may be hope for him yet. :-)

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