Monday, November 23, 2009

Follow Up On Thermos Foogoo Sippy Cups

In all honesty I have to make a follow up post about the Thermos Foogoo sippy cups that I recently reviewed.

At first I loved it. Now...not so much.

I still love the stainless steel part, it really does keep the drink cold for a long time and it stays cleaner longer...but the lid.

OMG that thing is a pain in the butt.

The lid is plastic with two pieces that insert inside the lid to make it spill proof. A rubber like insert then a hard plastic insert that holds the rubbery piece in.

Well it was a pain to pull those apart and clean everything to begin with but after a few weeks of usage I took it apart to clean it and now it is impossible to put it back together.

The hard plastic will not fit over the soft rubbery like piece now-at all. I thought I was weak and just couldn't get it on but everyone in my house-including my husband has tried to fit it back together with no luck.

So now I can't even use the cup because the lid will not fit back together.

Looks like they need to head back to the design board to make that damn lid more user friendly.

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