Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Daughter and I Won the Love Earth Always Green Halloween Costume Contest

Check it out- my daughter and I won this cool Green Halloween Costume Contest put on by Love Earth Always.

Here's her costume:

This is how we made a green costume:
My daughter wanted a unique vampire costume this year-and I didn't want to deal with any store bought stuff and nothing that I needed to sew either ( because I have yet to learn how to use a sewing machine)

So my daughter and I raided my closet and found some old clothes in the back that I don't wear anymore -a black lace top (that was made to go over a tank top, tank top long gone), a 3/4 length sleeved red t-shirt top to go under the lace which we turned inside out so the rose screen print didn't show through, a long red and black skirt, and lace up witch type boots.

We put everything together for a gothy vampire look.

My daughter already had some old fangs and I bought a used velvet cape on ebay for $1 when they are selling at the store for over $20.

With a little white rice powder makeup, some eyeliner and red and black lipstick- a vampire was born.

It's great the only thing purchased for this costume was the velvet cape (and that was used) everything else we had in the closet and in the makeup bag.

A great green Halloween costume.

And my little guy wanted to wear his sissy's old kitty costume (which she wore for like 3 years in a row and now he's got it, so that's pretty green, too).
Here they are together:

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