Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zap-A-Doo: Prolong the Life of Kitty Litter While Killing Odor

Probiotic Litter Box Odor Control

"Cats naturally hunt from ambush so they hide from their prey. All cats instinctively try to hide their scent by burying their waste in the ground. This explains why cats use a litter box, but a litter box does not hide their scent as well as dirt.In Nature, probiotics in the dirt recycle the cat waste with almost no odor.

Now you can add probiotics to your kitty litter and control odor naturally with no more "inapproriate elimination"...the way Nature intended.

Finally, your cat can hide their scent and nobody will know you have a litter box!

Each order of "One Month's Supply" of Zap-A-Doo works for one month with 1-2 cats using one litter box."

When I received the offer to try Zap-A-Doo I jumped on it. I have 3 cats. Litter box odor is a big issue. We try to keep the boxes clean and as odorless as possible while using the litter for as long as possible, because face it-times are tough and that's another expense.

You just mix a whole bag of Zap-a-doo into a box of litter and let it work. Scoop the box as usual but take not...anything smell different?

OMG I couldn't believe how it controled the odor...without affecting my cats. Safe and natural. Wonderful.

Can I buy stock in Zap-A-Doo? This is a fabulous product.

Here's more about what it is and how it works.

Zap-A-Doo copies Nature. Ingredients are 100% plant-based and biodegradable. Zap-A-Doo is the natural solution to kitty litter odor and "inappropriate elimination".


100% natural and biodegradable. Plant-based ingredients are animal food grade quality grains, cereals and roots. The probiotics and trace minerals are listed for certified organic farm use by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

What Litter To Use

Zap-A-Doo is a litter additive that can be used with any and every kind of litter on the market. Zap-A-Doo makes every litter work better. If you experience any problems with your brand of litter and Zap-A-Doo, please contact us at

Live Culture

The probiotics are alive, but dormant like a "starter culture" for yogurt or sourdough bread. Probiotics has the sweet and sour smell of fermentation and molasses.

If there is a rotten, putrid smell: Do Not Use. Please email


Since the probiotics are alive, use as soon as possible. Always use the whole bag. Do not try to reclose the bag. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

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