Friday, December 11, 2009

Don’t Forget the Batteries Grab Fuji’s New EnviroMAX Batteries

Yes, I know most eco gifts don’t need batteries but some tech gadgets and other goodies do, like digital cameras and who is going to be without a camera on Christmas?

This year you have a green choice when it comes to batteries-other than the often expensive and hard to find recharge-ables (why can’t they just put them with the rest of the darn batteries, but no you have to go searching and end up in the electronics section if they carry them at all). Anyway this year you have the option of buying Fuji’s new EnviroMAX batteries.
Fuji’s new EnviroMAX batteries are made specifically for high drain electronics devices-like digital cameras.

They are manufactured using sustainable and eco-friendly standards and are even packaged in recycled paper.

One of the best things about the new EnviroMAX batteries is what they don’t have- they are mercury, cadmium and PVC free which makes them landfill safe (but you should still take batteries in to be recycled).

The new batteries can even be purchased online at Amazon and come in several sizes and formulas for all your needs:

Fuji EnviroMAX UDAA-4 Digital Alkaline AA Battery 4 Pack

Fuji EnviroMAX EC-AA4 Super Alkaline AA Battery 4 Pack

Fuji EnviroMAX EC-D2 Super Alkaline D Battery 2 Pack

Fuji EnviroMAX EC-AAA4 Super Alkaline AAA Battery 4 Pack

Fuji EnviroMAX EC-C2 Super Alkaline C Battery 2 Pack

Fuji EnviroMAX UDAAA-4 Digital Alkaline AAA Battery 4 Pack

This holiday season there’s no reason to forget the batteries.

I know I’ll be getting these batteries. I really need a battery that my digital camera won’t drain in 10 photos. I swear that’s how fast my camera drains batteries-even the rechargeable ones- especially the rechargeable ones. I am going to give the EnviroMAX batteries a shot and see how well they really hold up.

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