Friday, December 4, 2009

A Review of Vaska Herbatergent

Vaska’s herbatergent ™ uses real herbs and potent botanical cleaning agents for high performance stain removal and extreme freshness.

Clothing stays brighter, lasts longer and feels softer without the chemical residues that cause skin irritation and fabric damage.

Vaska’s herbatergent ™ is gray water and septic tank safe.

Recommended for babies and people with sensitive skin.

herbatergent ™ is safe for use on all natural and synthetic washable fabrics.

INGREDIENTS: Plant based surfactants, vegetable conditioner, water-soluble degreasing agent, lavender extract (leaves no scent) and filtered water.

I had the chance to try Vaska's new Herbatergent and it works great. Just a small capful cleans a whole load for laundry. Wow. I used it on some pretty soiled clothes to and it still worked fabulously. I did have to wash some khakis twice though but that's only because I didn't catch the stains the first time, I didn't find them until I was putting clothes in the dryer.

But I used a little bit of Vaska Herbatergent directly on the stains, soaked the khakis for a few then washed them again and the stains came off. Even the ones that looked like Kool-Aid or marker or something pinkish red all down the leg. Never can tell with kids.

The only thing I did not like was the no-odor odor. Yeah, that chemical I ahve no smell odor that unscented products tend to have. Hate that. Always makes me think of hospitals and other institutions. Ach.

I wish I could have received the lavender scented herbatergent to try. I love lavender. And I love good scents. Not fake no scents.

But the herbatergent itself works great. If I got the scented formula I am sure I'd be 100% happy with it and not just 95 %.

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