Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something Every Parent Should Have: Removeez

I think it’s happened to us all- the kid gets a hold of a pen or marker or even some paint…and it refuses to come off the skin even when scrubbing so hard you practically take the skin off. And we know that is neither is fun for the parent nor the child.

Finally someone, parents of course, invented a safe, natural product that “gets stuff off your skin”, Removeez.

Removeez is dermatologist tested and approved, cruelty free, and free of parabens, phthalates, and PPGs.

It uses a homeopathic blend of aloe, bee pollen, calendula, Hawaiian white ginger, and red clover blossom-when combined you have a formula that can be massaged into the skin to dissolve the unwanted stuff that’s there.

It works on ink, temporary tattoos, permanent markers, Band-Aid gunk, paint, sap, grease, tar and more.

I had the opportunity to try this stuff and was amazed. It worked. It took permanent ink off.


It also worked to get the remnants of a temporary tattoo off.

Like my husband said, “Every parent should have this product.” I agree.

As an avid art and crafter we always end up with stuff on our hands. This is going to be great to have.

Easter is always interesting-I think little hands get more color than the eggs. I wonder how good it will work on egg dye?

And our annual “make your own Christmas card family night is coming”, this will be a hand saver.

Removeez comes in four natural scent combos:

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