Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do-It-Yourself Solar & Wind Energy Products

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New Eco-Friendly Products & Free, Expert Information

From This New Online Green Community is a new online green community offering a tremendous wealth of free information on topics of interest to green consumers - nearly 1000 informative articles about green lifestyle topics. As well, they provide the largest offering of sustainability products for home and businesses to achieve energy independence through do-it-yourself solar and wind energy products and batteries and chargers.

The Products You Need for Energy Independence:

Solar & Wind Energy and Eco-Friendly Batteries and Chargers

With rising energy prices all of us are concerned about our energy bills and what we contribute to global warming. has do-it-yourself alternative energy products available from the website for you to take your next steps to energy independence.

Among these products for purchase are the Whisper Tower Kits (home and business wind energy) and the SunWize OEM 85 Watt Solar Kit - for your do-it-yourself solar installation.

More about EnvirCitizen's alternative energy products can be found at:

Free, Expert Information You Need

To Make Your Renewable Energy Choices has one of the largest libraries of expert, free information you can access to learn more about alternative energy and your many options. Some of the articles include:

What to Do About Energy Hogs

Does Turning Off a Light Switch Really Make a Difference?

Understanding Energy: Renewable, Sustainable, Green or Eco-Friendly?

How the Energy You Use Contributes to Global Warming

Community Choice Aggregation: Getting Green Energy from the Grid

And many more at:


Founded in 2009, is a new, green, online community offering a forum to green lifestyle consumers with a thoroughly comprehensive website combining in-depth information consumers can use, an active and user friendly forum as well as the widest assortment of eco-friendly products and services. The website offers nearly 1,000 custom articles on a wide range of topics that relate to sustainability and our green lifestyles: from Home to Gardening, Personal Care, Alternative Energy, Building and Renovation, Vacations and Travel, Consumer Services and an excellent Education Center. also continues to produce free, original articles about sustainability, conservation, green tips, and consumer advocacy to inform both the website's community and visitors to the site looking for expert information on a specific green topic.

This new, green community website also provides the largest (and constantly growing) online offering of eco-friendly products and services available today.

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