Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Add a Little Aromatherapy to Your Life with Green Tea Goods Pulse Point Elixirs

I am a sucker for scent. I love scented products, especially those that are all natural aromatherapy products like these wonderful roll on pulse point elixirs from Green Tea Goods.

The Pulse Point Elixirs come in two formulas- Calm & Relax and Energy & Focus.

The Calm & Relax Pulse Point Elixir is scented with lavender oil and natural tangerine extract. The resulting scent is a wonderful blend that instantly calms. I use it when I need to relax, when I need to slow down my brain and I often roll it on at bedtime. I find the scent of lavender helps me sleep.

The Energy & Focus elixir is scented with Jasmine, Eucalyptus and Peppermint oils. An uplifting scent combination this one will rev up your energy levels and help you get going. It's perfect for a first thing in the morning scent to help you wake up. Or use it as a reviving scent in mid afternoon when your energy levels start to lag.

In addition to the aromatherapy oils the elixirs are made with Green tea extract, Jin Yin Hau extract (gold silver flower Honeysuckle), Tea Tree oil, aloe extract, licorice root, organic Rosemary extract and sweet almond oil (used as a lightweight emollient base for the roll on).

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