Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dr Dobbs Old Fashioned Natural Remedies

Dr. Dobbs all natural old fashioned remedies was founded by Joan Matera. Joan is descended from a long line of doctors who had an interest in holistic healing. Her line of Dr. Dobbs Old Fashioned Natural Remedies incorporates her family's holistic formulas that started with her great grandfather Dr. David H. Dobbs who was a doctor and Baptist minister in Edna, Texas. His home remedies were sold in a local drugstore that the family still owns today.

When Joan decided to create this line of products derived from her family formulas she wanted to make sure that they were of the highest quality so she partnered with Mel Stevens, a natural products industry veteran. Now the Dr. Dobbs products are the best of old fashioned remedies combined with modern knowledge.

All of the formulas contain high quality, natural ingredients including: premium grade Mediterranean olive oil, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, and wheat germ oil. The expertly blended formulas will not clog pores and are easily absorbed by the skin.

I had the chance to try several of the Dr. Dobbs products and I am really impressed. They really give you that handmade old fashioned feel but the products are high quality and work wonderfully.

My favorites? The Perk O'Lips Coffee Flavored Lip Balm and the Facial Glow Tomato Complexion Soap. The Coffee Flavored Lip Balm is perfect for a coffee junkie like myself and the tomato soap did wonders for my skin.

I also enjoyed the Tropical Blend Cuticle and Nail Salve. It was wonderful on my dried out cuticles- I rubbed it on at night right before bed so it could work its magic all night long.. And it did.

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