Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ECOBAGS: The Original Reusable Bag Company

It is estimated by the US Environmental protection Agency that over 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are used in the US each year and only about 23 billion of those are recycled.

Environmental activist and eco-entrepreneur Sharon Rowe decided early on that she wanted to do something about this problem. In 1989 she founded ECOBAGS as a way to combat the waste of single use bags and created bags made from recycled, organic, and natural materials that can be reused over and over. ECOBAGS was formed as a fair wage, fair labor company with the inspirational tagline "Clean Up the Planet One Bag at a Time".

Now over 20 years later ECOBAGS is going strong with yearly sales upwards of three million dollars annually.

They started out with the classic string bag and have now moved on to totes, travel bags, spa bags, reusable produce bags, GREENBAGS, ECOWEAVE home goods, and have partnered with other companies like Frito Lay and Kashi to bring their green initiatives to light.

ECOBAGS is a proud member of the Organic Trade Association, Green America, and is a certified Women-Owned Business.

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