Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review of Blue Dominoes Organic and All Natural Activity Dough

If you let your children play with Blue Dominoes Activity Dough you’ll have no worries that they are rolling around and squishing up toxic dough balls.

Blue Dominoes Activity Dough is all natural, organic, wheat and gluten free, contains no lead or other heavy metals, is BPA free, contains no artificial coloring and is hypo-allergenic.

So this playful activity dough is not only eco-friendly but child friendly.
I received a set of this activity dough to try out. My kids adore it. The recyclable plastic containers are made to stack and fit easily into my cupboard and the lids fit on tight so the dough doesn’t dry out. Everyday my little asks me to get his dough down so he can play with it at the dining room table.

I give him a rolling pin and cookie cutters and he’ll actually sit there and play for at least an hour- which is a record for him because he’s a busy and active child who is always looking for something new to do. Sometimes the whole family will join in and design fun things from the dough- especially my husband. He loves to sit down and play with the kids. I think it helps him de-stress after a long day at work.

It’s always the simplest things that can give the greatest pleasure. Who needs bright lights, plastic, or video games to have fun? Simple toys that spark imagination are the best.

I think my little guy’s favorite toy is a cardboard box. He’ll play with one for hours always adding stuff to it, taking stuff out, drawing on it, wearing it or climbing into it depending on the size. I guess he likes cardboard boxes because they become anything he wants them to be.

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