Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eco-Friendly, Foldable FlipFlops by Pocketflop

Haven't you ever wished you could kick your heels off and slide your feet into something more comfortable but the hassle of carrying an extra pair of shoes around with you makes that impossible?

You have to carry a pretty big bag if you plan to lug around an extra pair of shoes and who wants to stick a dirty pair of shoes in with their other stuff.Pocketflops are the answer to that dilemma. These cute and eco-friendly flipflops fold in half and slide into a small carrying pouch that can easily fit into your purse, tote bag or other carryall.

How wonderful is that?

After hours on your feet you can put on a pair of flipflops even if you're not heading home. These would be great for longs days at the office, put them on after a day of classes, or maybe after a couple hours at a party and your feet are starting to kill you after tromping around in four inch heels for hours.

Flirty, fun and easy to carry Pocketflops take the hassle out of carrying around an extra pair of shoes.

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