Friday, August 13, 2010

EcoPaper Sketchbooks and Craft Paper

Looking for unique and tree free paper for sketching or other artistic pursuits?

Check out Ecopaper. They have a delightfully delicious (not really delicious but when you hear what some of the paper is made from your tummy may grumble too) selection of sketchbooks, quality papers, notebooks and more, made from coffee, mango, lemon, banana, cigars, hemp and sugar.

I’ve heard of paper being made from hemp and banana before but lemons, mangoes, and coffee? Wow. Tree free and very eco-friendly since EcoPaper works very hard to be an earth friendly company. You can read all about it at their site.

I was sent a package of sample papers to check out. Some pages are thin and white like regular paper, while others are so thick like card stock. The first thing I did was sniff them but no they don’t smell fruity or like coffee (bummer) but they are uniquely textured and very colorful. The coffee paper is rich with dark splotches throughout the paper so no two sheets are alike. The mango paper is a beautiful orange-yellow color and the lemon paper is a soft lemony yellow.