Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school with ecopaper

Looking for eco-friendly back to school supplies?

If so then be sure to check out for their great selection of tree free papers made from bananas, coffee, mangoes, lemons, tobacco and more.

Yes, that’s right they have tree free paper made from all kinds of wonderful agricultural products that are often discarded during manufacturing of other products.

Ecopaper uses agro-industrial fibers that come from the waste of processing bananas, coffee and tobacco. Their research and development department is currently studying new fibers from pineapple, orange and palm hearts and researching the possibilities of using these materials for paper making.

The industrial process leaves behind a lot of waste. The packing of bananas pulls apart the bunches of bananas from the main stem which leaves the pinzote left over. The pinzote contains 5% of usable fiber that becomes paper through Ecopaper’s processes.

The processing of coffee leaves behind the waste of peels, leaves and small beans that are separated from the coffee that will be turned into drinking products. The waste materials are used to manufacture their coffee paper.

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EcoverUS said...

Let's hear it for tree free paper! Thanks for bringing this to the attention of parents and students at this time of year.
-Deb for Ecover