Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clean Green with EcoStoreUSA

EcoStore was founded in New Zealand with the premise of creating products containing "no nasty chemicals".
Their products are so wonderful and became so popular they branched out and have a US location in Michigan.
They've even partnered with Michigan based Meijer stores to create a special selection of ecostore USA household and baby care products that are available exclusively at Meijer stores throughout the Midwest. These exclusive ecostore products are available at all 185 Meijer locations.
Two of my favorite ecostore USA products are the All Purpose Cleaner and the Laundry Liquid.
The All Purpose Cleaner is safe to use, non-toxic and cleans fabulously- what more could you ask for? How about a pleasant slightly citrus aroma? I love it, no toxic fumes, no nasty chemicals- just natural yet powerful cleaning performance. This stuff will clean just about anything- counters, sinks, walls, toilets, tubs, stoves, appliances, even stains on furniture and carpets. I've used it for everything.
The Laundry Liquid is divine. I love the spicy clean aroma of the 100% Certified Organic Eucalyptus oil. It is so much better than the non-smell some "natural" laundry liquids have. I hate the smell of "unscented"- I know sounds odd but the non-smell has a distinct unpleasant smell all its own. I prefer herbal scents over non-scents or fancy perfumes any day. The other thing that's wonderful about the ecostore Laundry Liquid is that it cleans great and a little goes a long way.

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