Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eco Backpacks for Back to School

Hemp Sisters has a nice selection of backpacks made from hemp. I like the hemp sling bag. It’s a one strap bag, the style my daughter really wants. The sling backpack is about 16 inches from top to bottom and 12 inches left to right. This is a bag is made to hold a lot which is perfect for school books. This might be a good option for my daughter.

The Organic Shoreline Drawstring Back Pack might be also be an option for my daughter. It is made from 100% organic cotton fiber it has adjustable straps and a heavy cord closure. I wonder if it will hold up to carrying school books.

Green Earth Office Supply has several hemp and recycled rubber back packs. The rubber packs are made from 100% post consumer recycled tires. The hemp ones are pretty stylish. The classic back pack bag is made from 100% hemp with recycled soda bottle lining. I love the ingenuity.

Land’s End has a few heavy duty back packs that are made from 100% recycled fabric. They are durable and heavy duty. They are very practical, these packs may be what your kids need to keep organized.

Another eco-backpack option is eco-packs by Dante Beatrix. The eco-backpacks come in small and large sizes and offer a couple designs that are kinda kid friendly. The packs are made with fabric created from recycled plastic bottles and trimmed with natural canvas.

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