Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fresh Garden Salsa

I decided this year to do something with all my tomatoes besides give them away since only my daughter, my mom and I eat them.

Salsa was my first choice in what to make- and it's been a tremendous success- my husband and sons are now eating fresh vegetables form my garden. Amazing.

To make the fresh garden salsa I use:

5-6 tomatoes depending on size

1 green pepper

4 garlic cloves- crushed with a garlic press

1 sweet onion

1 banana pepper

1-2 limes juiced

1 half package of taco bell taco seasoning

garlic salt to taste


Chop up the tomatoes into small diced pieces- place in a colander with garlic slat sprinkled over the top to drain while chopping everything else

Chop up peppers and onion place in large bowl

Crush 4 or 5 cloves of garlic with a press and mix with onions and peppers

Sprinkle a bit of taco seasoning over everything

Juice a lime (or two if they are really small and you don't get much juice, you want at least a tablespoon and a half)

Start mixing tomatoes in- a little at a time- mix then sprinkle with seasoning then mix and add more seasoning

Drizzle the lime juice over the mixture and mix with a spoon

Add more seasoning to taste

It's best to let the salsa sit for a couple hours in the fridge to let the flavors soak together

I like my salsa chunky so I can eat as is with chips, veggies or crackers hubby puts his in the Bullet to blend it up so the veggies aren't in chunks.

I took some of this salsa to my friend and she's begging for more- literally begging. Said it's the best salsa she's ever had.

I must agree.

I am going to experiment with spicier versions by using different peppers- jalapeno or chili peppers will add heat to the salsa.

The salsa tasted good without the taco seaosning but I wanted to give it more flavor- a little extra oomph so I decided to add the taco seasoning which I use quite a bit for making fajita chicken, taco salads and breakfast burritoes.

I figured it would taste good in the salsa as well- and it did.

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Tara said...

Can't wait to try it out!