Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christmas Shopping at CSN Stores

It's almost Halloween- just a little over a week away.

You know what happens after Halloween right?

Time seems to speed up... until suddenly... before you know it... it's Christmas.

At least that's what always seems to happen with me.

No matter how early I start shopping the holidays sneak up on me and I am always in a mad dash to get those last presents before Christmas Eve.

This year I am trying to be organized.

CSN Stores is helping. With over 200 stores to shop at they have a little bit of everything...including upholstered headboards.

I've been staring at my boring bedroom for months now trying to decide what to do with it. I know it needs a fresh coat of paint. I think I could also use a headboard.

I don't know if I actually want an upholstered headboard or not. I kinda like this tufted leather one (pictured above) but I think it's a little too masculine for what I want to do with my bedroom. It's always an option though.

I know I see several other items that are going on my bedroom makeover wish list even if I am supposed to be Christmas shopping right now (you can see how easily I am distracted, it's no wonder the holidays sneak up on me:-).

Have you seen any wonderful things you'd like to get at one or several of the CSN Stores?

Well you might want to start looking because I am going to be posting a CSN Stores Christmas shopping giveaway soon.

So be sure to stay up to date on the site so you know when the contest goes live.

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