Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Review of the Rub a Dub ABC 123 Bath Toy

I received this Rub a Dub ABC & 123 bath toy from Growing Tree Toys.

They have a huge selection of learning toys available for all ages.

Here's the Rub a Dub ABC bath toy description from the Growing Tree site:

"Rub a Dub ABC and 123 from Alex brings the classroom to the bathtub! With Rub a Dub ABC and 123 bath toy, kids love that they can build words and numbers with these soft foam shapes that stick to the tub or tile when wet. Alex Rub a Dub ABC and 123 is the great bath toy that includes 2 multi-colored sets of alphabet letters and a set of numbers 0-9 – that makes 62 different pieces with which to play!"

My little guy loves having something new to play with in the tub. It's great having something that's not just fun but educational as well. He learns while he baths.

We've been working with him on his ABC's and 123's getting him ready for kindergarten next year- now we have one more way to work with him.

Who would have thought you could teach in the tub?

Splish splash we were taking a bath while learning our ABCs

Rub a dub we're splashing in the tub counting our 123's

That's the little song I made up to sing while playing with the toys in the tub, my Robby loves it.

Bath time used to be a chore- not anymore. My four year old can't wait to get in the tub and start counting and spelling. Pretty soon he'll be able to spell his name with the letters. He's almost there.

Maybe after a couple more baths.

The Rub a Dub toys is made by Alex toys which offers several other bath toys and many arts and crafts kits.

I received this toy for review at no cost to me courtesy of Growing Tree Toys blog sponsorship program.

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