Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Options for Christmas Ribbons, Bows and Gift Tags

It's the little things that can often add up to being a big waste. Think of all the ribbons, bows and gift tags that are used then tossed into the garbage every year- mainly during the winter holiday season.This year think twice before adding the little things to your gifts- and make sure that when you do you are using eco-friendly options.

This means choosing tags, ribbons and bows that are made from recycled, reused or organic materials that can be reused or recycled after the holidays.

Think Out of the Ordinary

One way to make sure ribbons and gift accessories are not tossed into the trash is by using items that are part of the gift as crafty embellishments.

Tie gifts up with hair ribbons, bow ties, or shoelaces for a crafty look that will be kept and used- therefore it'll stay out of the trash.

Giving curtains as a gift? Tie them up with tie backs. Giving a little girl a gift, wrap it with a hair ribbon or embellish the gift with hair clips.

Think creatively and add out of the ordinary items to gift your gift class that won't end up in the trash.


Gift tags, ribbons and bows can easily be made from scraps that you probably have lying around.

Gift tags can be made from just about anything: scraps of paper, cardboard, paint color samples, old greeting cards, photos, scrapbook paper, stickers, glitter, etc. Just get crafty and make your own tags out of whatever you already have on hand.

Use last year's left over ribbon this year or find twine, thin rope, jute, yarn, thick string, or anything else you have lying around the house or stashed away in your craft box that can be used to tie up gifts.

Bows can easily be made from strips of scrap paper- any kind you have on hand from magazine pages to junk mail to leftover pieces of fancy scrap book paper or wrapping paper.

Scrap paper bow tutorials can be found at and

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