Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Review of ThermaSkin Natural Facial Cleanser by Greensations

The ThermaSkin foaming facial cleanser is a godsend for my troublesome skin. I swear my skin hates everything I use.

If I use the wrong thing my skin breaks in a rash, turns red, breaks out in pimples, or gets so dry I feel like I'm going to crack. None of which are any fun.

I always have to try something new but I'm always afraid that the new product is going to make matters worse instead of better.Then I came across ThermaSkin Foam Facial Cleanser. It is made with Capsaicin Pepper Extract and says that it is good for all skin types including oily skin, dry skin, and acne prone skin. I was doubtful but gave it a shot.


First of all I didn't break out. Better yet it cleared up the remnants of previous break outs. It didn't dry my skin out or make it too oily. Fabulous. A miracle in a little bottle. I am stocking up on this stuff. It is amazing to finally find something that really works. I have tried everything from drug store brands to the fancy expensive stuff in department stores. Even the things they advertise on TV. Nothing has worked for me- at least not for long.

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