Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eco-Friendly Toy Shopping at Rosie Hippo + A Giftcode for 15% Off

If you are looking for eco-friendly, high quality, fair trade and ethical toys look no further than

Rosie Hippo searches the world for the best toys for your child. They " believe children's toys should be unique, uncomplicated, inspiring, well-constructed, safe...and most of all, fun!" Rosie Hippo

products are sourced from all around the world. Many of the toys are from purchased from individuals and small manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. They also sell products that are made by villages and cooperatives in places like Peru and Kenya. By purchasing from these disadvantaged areas they help improve the lives of struggling families and support the communities. By buying toys from Rosie Hippo you are helping too.

Rosie Hippo sells the kind of toys that will remind you of simpler times. High quality wooden toys, quiet and simple toys, toys that will become cherished heirlooms that can be passed down through the years.

You won't find cheap plastic or lead paint laden toys at Rosie Hippo.

What you will find are toys that stimulate creativity, encourage independent thought, develop age level skills, and all the toys they sell are made with environmentally conscious practices.

Their goal is to find unique products made from unique materials - sustainable wood, organic fabrics, recycled materials that are made in a way that is kind to the planet.

They offer indoor toys, outdoor toys, books, puzzles, art and craft kits and supplies, games, music CDs, musical instruments, dolls, puppets, plush toys, pretend play, dress up supplies, high quality wooden toys and they offer developmental toys for many ages and stages from birth up.

When I'm looking for high quality, eco-conscious toys for my children Rosie Hippo is the first stop on my list. My son loves his play kitchen cookware and tableware sets made from sustainable rubber wood.

He also absolutely adores his fair-trade hand crocheted monkey. The monkeys come as a set of two- one is brown and green the other pink and grey. I gave the pink one to my daughter and the brown one to my little

guy. Well, he loves monkeys so much he keeps stealing the pink one, too. I find them both in his bed. This year for Christmas he's getting another monkey from Rosie Hippo. This little one is so cute I don't want to wait to give it to him. I know he'll go totally bananas over it. The new monkey is made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton and he's cute as can be.

One thing that my boy loves as much as monkeys is making music (or any noise- he's all boy). So for Christmas he's also getting the Shake, Rattle and Drum set. The handcrafted music set includes a rubber wood bucket drum with a natural rawhide drum head, child sized drum sticks, a red tambourine stick, a green castanet, and two blue mini maracas. And the set is only $39. That's a deal for a fair trade, eco-friendly, high quality toy that will withstand my son's use and abuse.

If you haven't explored Rosie Hippo yet you'll be amazed. What they offer will surely bring out the child in you and encourage hours of play with your children.

Visit them at

If you'd like 15% off your order use holiday code "ECOHOLIDAY15" before 12/31/10

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