Friday, December 3, 2010


Creating Holiday Wish List Slideshows at

Ever since and the advent of online shopping, creating a Christmas list has become too easy. Anyone can find exactly what they want online with color, make, model and size, then copy the URL they’ll send to family members via email. With no surprise, Christmas day always arrives bringing with it your exact requests made weeks in advance. This Christmas shopping list leaves no room for surprise, suspense, nor the anticipation that made waking up on Christmas morning so exciting when we were young.

The Holiday Wish List

Bring back the youthful excitement of the holiday season by creating a visual wish list for your family members. Using, one of the most popular photo tools and slideshow creating websites online, you can add the items you want for Christmas in a visual slideshow, giving people a picture of the things you want without giving them the details or exact make and model. Even better, because of Kizoa’s easy to use platform, you can create a wish list slideshow in just seconds.

Anyone can quickly scour the internet bringing up pictures of items they wish to receive. Instead of finding a specific sweater for example, you can add a variety of sweater styles and brands that you like, giving your family a visual idea of the items you want, still leaving room for surprise on Christmas morning!

Sharing is Caring

After creating your slideshow, use Kizoa’s easy emailing tool directly from their site to send your wish list slideshow to your family members. You can even embellish your wish list slideshows with fancy Christmas effects and animations. Try the falling snow effect or add Santa Claus and his reindeers to your wish list. It’s fun and easy to use. Start by uploading your photos and then use the drag and drop functionality to build the slideshow. Even add transitions, frames, text and music!

The team at had some fun putting together a list of the top 7 most needed gifts for Christmas. Click on the link to view:

About Kizoa

Kizoa is a comprehensive and easy-to-use online photo tools platform, enabling people to easily share pictures in a dynamic, fun and creative way. Users can upload, store and edit photos, then turn their memories into custom designed slideshows with hundreds of creative options to choose from, including music, animations, text, transitions and other flash-based effects. Edited photos and slideshow creations can be shared online, through email, embedded in social networks and websites, or converted to a standard video file and burned to DVD for offline viewing.

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