Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SWAGG- The Shopping App For Busy Moms

Yesterday I mentioned how wonderful SWAGG is.

Now after really exploring the site and the usefulness of the opinion hasn't changed.

SWAGG makes shopping easy.

I don't know about you but I have a collection of rewards cards from several stores: Kmart, Kroger, American Eagle, Toys R Us...

That's a lot of plastic to junk up my wallet and my keychain.

Now I can add all those accounts to SWAGG and then use my app on the go whenever I need it.

I can also add all of my gift cards to the account then check my balance while I'm at the store or before I head out to shop- or I can shop online and use my balances.

I love SWAGG. It has made shopping easier and much more organized which is something every mom can appreciate.

I've already made my first purchase through SWAGG- at American Eagle which is one of SWAGG's featured stores. My older kids LOVE American Eagle and I have a loyalty account with AE that I added to my SWAGG account. So that makes shopping through SWAGG twice as easy and so convenient.

If you have loyalty cards, rewards cards and gift cards taking up space in your wallet or handbag and you have an iPhone or Android then SWAGG is a must have app.

Here's the official details about SWAGG:

SWAGG recently launched a new app for iPhones, iTouch devices and Android phones that deals with the usually troublesome problem of organizing an overabundance of gift cards, shopper loyalty cards & membership cards that clutter up your wallet or handbag.

Now you can load all those gift cards, loyalty points, etc into your iPhone, iTouch or Android mobile device.

SWAGG allows consumers to import more than 250 brands of gift cards and rewards cards.

unlike plastic cards, SWAGG permits consumers to check and view available balances and reward information on most of these cards.

Another fabulous feature of SWAGG is consumers can use their mobile device to give, get and even exchange SWAGG GIFTS from participating merchant partners such as American Apparel Inc., The Wet Seal Inc., Crocs Inc., and Arden B.

Through SWAGG, consumers can access the offers that matter most to them, connecting users with more than 3,000 retailers. Retailers benefit by acquiring new customers, increasing in-store business and retaining existing customers.

Currently the app is only available for use by US customers.

Right now you can download the SWAGG app and contribute to a good cause- for every app download through the month of December SWAGG will donate $1 Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Want to give SWAGG a try?

Go to and sign up

Or go to the app store from your mobile device-

the SWAGG app is free to download

Disclosure: I received a small deposit in my SWAGG account to try the app and honestly review how SWAGG works

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