Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Review of EcoTensil: "The Solution for One Taste Waste"

I have always cringed at wastefulness. Long before the terms eco-friendly or green were ever part of my vocabulary unnecessary waste was something that aggravated me intensely. I guess I can thank my mom for that- she always taught me that life was not disposable, that things should be made to last and that even the simplest things have value or make an impact.

How true.

Consider those little spoons you see when you're out shopping and the grocery stores are offering free samples and taste treats. Little paper bowls and tiny little plastic disposable spoons are handed out by the hundreds and thousands. Then get tossed in the trash by the hundreds and thousands.

All those tiny little plastic spoons can have a huge impact- especially when they end up in landfills by the thousands.

In addition to all the time, money and resources it takes to create them the impact they have on our world can be immense- because plastic takes forever to break down and most plastic products are made from petroleum based materials. Petroleum is a non-renewable resource.

Not only that but according to a Scientific American article , there are all kinds of nasty stuff connected to the use and disposable of plastic for example-chemicals added to plastics can be absorbed by the human body- some of these chemicals can disrupt hormone levels and have serious health risks- some studies suggest over exposure can even lead to cancer. Plastics that are buried in landfills can continue to cause health problems when the chemicals leach into groundwater.

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