Monday, January 31, 2011

What Valentine's Day Means to Me- Shutterfly Valentine Card Giveaway

A romantic at heart I have always loved Valentine's day- flowers, wine, romance... and chcocolate.

It's fabulous.

Even as a kid I loved Valentine's Day- I always got excited when it was time to decorate our card boxes or bags for the class Valentine party and my grandma and I always made cute handmade Valentine's. Even though my childhood is long gone and my grandma passed away over a decade ago I still have our heart shaped box full of heart shapes, cutouts and stencils. I've used my grandma's designs to make Valentine cards with my kids over the years.

I think Valentine's Day is about more than just romantic love- it reminds us to tell anyone special in our lives that we love them. It's sweet, it's sappy and it's exactly what we need sometimes- a heart and a smile and something sweet.

In 2002 Valentine's day became extra special to me.

My boyfriend and I were going on two years together and we were pretty serious but I didn't know if I was the type to get married.

He was.

That Valentine's Day he proposed in a simple but super sweet and kind of unique way.

He handed me my Valentine card and a pen. I had no idea why he handed me a pen. or why as I opened the card he knelt down on the floor in front of me. As I was reading it I came to the bottom of the card where he had written

"Will you marry me? Check yes or no."

And there were two little boxes for me to choose from.

I didn't even have to think about it I said yes and checked the little box. When I looked up again he was holding a ring box. The ring was beautiful. The proposal was sweet and it's something I will never forget. And yes, my husband is a George Strait fan for those who recognized the reference to the song "Check Yes or No".

So now Valentine's Day means something really special to me- it's the day my husband proposed.

I still share Valentine's with friends and family- especially our kids.

We love making cards together when time allows.

And now thanks to Shutterfly we can make cards extra special by adding fun family photos to them.

Shutterfly has a gorgeous selection of Valentine's day cards to design with your photos.

Shutterfly also has great personalized gifts you can create with your precious photos as well.

Would you like to win 25 Free Photo Valentine Cards from Shutterfly?

Then tell me and Shutterfly what Valentine's Day means to you- or tell us about one special Valentine's day memory and you'll be entered to win 25 free cards from Shutterfly.

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this Friday Feb 4th

Disclosure: This contest is sponsored by Shutterfly. I received 25 free cards for participation.


Anonymous said...

Valentine's day is a time to make your loved ones feel special, to remind them that they are loved.

Anonymous said...

I love to spend time with my wife- its a time for romance

jen said...

Its time for romance love and chocolate. Every year I buy chocolate coverd strawberrys to share with my loved one. sharing all the good time we so need this time to rember why we love each other it shouldn't take a holiday but sometimes are busy life and children pull us differnt driection.

Wehaf said...

I remember waking up to box of chocolates from my dad on my pillow on Valentine's Day morning when I was a kid. How special!

urchiken at gmail dot com