Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eco Gadgets for Easter and Earth Day

Are you looking for great green gifts for Earth day or eco-items to put in your older kids' easter baskets?

The Seven Year Pen by Seltzer is made to last by being eco and full of ink. Keep the disposable pens from piling up in garabage dumps by using the 7 year pen.

Kids will enjoy the variety of bright and fun designs (my daughter wants the pink skull pen pictured below).

Adults will find some of the designs appealing as well.

And you'll love the way they write, smooth and flowing with black ink and a long life tip.

Pen fanatics will love the 7 year pen.
Tech lovers will be enamored of the eco-freindly cardboard speakers by Fashionation. These fun speakers are eco, need no batteries, and can be used with MP3 players, iPods, anything that has a basic 3.5mm plug- even your laptop or netbook computer.

They fold away for easy storage and transport then you pop them up and use them whenever you want. No batteries to go dead or be replaced. The speakers are made with recycled cardboard and other eco componets for a fabulously eco gadget.

I know my kids love them.

Fashionation's speakers come in a great variety of colors and funky designs.

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