Friday, May 13, 2011

I Love Australian Gold: Review of Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Lotion with SPF 15

I received a small bottle of Australian Gold sunblock to review- and I was transported back in time by the scent. I had forgotten how much I loved the unique scent of Australian Gold tanning products.

I was transported back to the first time I ever went tanning- which was during my first year of college- then another attempt back before I took a vacation to Texas then the last time right before my wedding in 2003.

Each tanning session I used Australian Gold- exclusively because I loved the way it made my skin feel and the delightful aroma that it left behind.

These days I don't do tanning beds but I still go outside and I choose to be a little safer about it than I was in my younger days.

I didn't even know Australian Gold made sunblock- now that I do I don't see anything else going on my skin.

The blends are made with exotic natural oils- and they contain no mineral oil.

And they smell fabulous.

I just dropped by the the Australian Gold site and I'm stocking up on sunblock for the family for this summer.

My husband loves Australian Gold just as much as I do- so he'll be very happy that I found sunscreen that doesn't stink or smell weird- even happier when he finds out it's Australian Gold.

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