Friday, May 13, 2011

Product Review: The Seven Year Pen

I am a pen snob, I love nothing better than a good pen. It has to write smoothly, it has to feel good in my hand, and the ink has to flow just right or I won't use it.

And I use a lot of pens. I always have one close by. While I may be a green girl and do most things digitally, I still love to write old fashioned style with a pen and paper. In fact I do my best thinking with a pen in hand.

I get so upset when one of my favorite pens runs out of ink. I always save the pen and try to find an ink refill for it.

Not as easy as you would think. There are so many variations in the ink refills. I wish they'd make a universal ink refill so a favorite pen can be saved.

Seltzer Goods has come up with the next best thing- the Seven Year Pen.

The Seven Year Pen has a jumbo ink supply that will last for seven years- this could help keep thousands of disposable pens out of the landfills.

The Seven Year Pen isn't as fat as I like my pens to be, but it does write smooth, the ink flows nicely, and it feels good in my hand.

Plus it comes in a wide variety of colors, some with fun designs on them, that even kids will love.

If you'd like to have a Seven Year Pen in your office, visit for details.

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