Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eco-Friendly Crafts- Yogurt Cup Creations

Bunnies my daughter and I made for EasterMy family goes through a lot of yogurt, mainly my little guy- he eats a lot of yogurt.

He’s on this thing where just about all he eats is yogurt and he’s picky about it. Wants it straight from the little containers not in a regular old bowl.

So we end up with a lot of yogurt cups which aren’t accepted for recycling at the local drop off site.

So I have come up with easy and fun ways to use the yogurt cups for crafts with my kids.

So far we have created cats, bats, pumpkins, skeletons and more for Halloween, Christmas bells and penguins for the winter holidays, turtles and frogs for spring and bunnies for Easter. The cast of yogurt cup characters keeps growing. I am thinking butterflies for this weekend.

They are simple to create. I paint them outside with spray paint (I know, probably not the most eco-craft supply but it works) and then we use craft foam for heads, legs, wings or whatever the creation calls for. Sometimes we use google eyes, sometimes we just paint them on. Sometimes we add pipecleaners or whatever else we may find in the craft boxes.

It all started with me just searching through my craft box to see what I could create. I have tons of craft supplies so that was no problem.
Turtle and frog yogurt cup creations Now it’s a regular thing for my daughter and I to add another yogurt cup critter to our menagerie.

It’s a fun and relatively green craft. We save yogurt cups from the landfill and have fun using our creativity to create new creatures.

Penguins made from yogurt cups and mini smoothie bottles

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belinha said...

I love these! A great project to do with my nephew!;)