Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School with TreeSmart Eco Pencils

Now here’s a great invention, tree free pencils made from recycled rolled up newspapers.

TreeSmart has been making newspaper pencils since 1998. Over the years they have experimented with different techniques until finally they created the perfect newspaper pencil.

Today’s TreeSmart pencils have the following features:

• Whole newspaper sheets are used to create the pencils which are rolled around HB high-quality #2 graphite.

• The newspapers do not need to be mulched or mixed with toxic recycling chemicals, they are used as is.

• A special adhesive formula is used to bind the newsprint together into a cohesive core trunk that is as hard as wood.

• The pencils sharpen easily, just like wood.

• A fun thing about the pencils is that sometimes newsprint images are visible on the pencil surface.

• All of the TreeSmart pencils are made with high-quality ferrules and latex-free erasers that do not smudge.

TreeSmart now makes pencils, colored pencils, pens, and rulers. You can purchase home office sets or large boxes of products for schools. You can even get a mug for your favorite teacher. The TreeSmart Green Tea Mug gift set includes a custom ceramic mug filled with 24 TreeSmart newspaper pencils, a mini color pencil set, and a three pack of green tea.

Businesses wishing to promote green can order a box of 500 custom newspaper pencils with their company name or logo.

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