Friday, August 19, 2011

Extravagant Beauty: How Much Do You Spend on Beauty Products

I admit it, I splurge on a few must have beauty products.

I have assorted jars and bottles of products I use everyday along with my favorite cosmetics- and a few cost me more than I would like to spend.

I think that I'm worth it though and it's not like I spend a lot on every product every month. My extravagant beauty products only need to be replaced ever couple to six months-like my favorite Nvey Eco Lipstick and my Juice Beauty Moisturizer.

I pay more partially for the organics but mainly because I love how they work.

Both I got hooked on after receiving free products for review.

Nvey Eco sucked me in with the fabulous color and rich organic feel of their lipstick. So now I pay $29 for one tube of lipstick. No I wouldn't pay that for every lipstick in my collection but for that must have color for me- yes I'll do it because it is my absolute favorite lipstick EVER.

Juice Beauty sent me their stem cellular products and I got totally hooked on the moisturizer- so after using it for awhile I ran out and had to order more- even if it did cost $65.

My husband cringes but he doesn't complain- why? Because I don't hardly ever spend money on myself- it's all about the kids and the house. For me- I buy what I need when I need it so little extravagances are things I deserve even if he does think $65 for face cream is crazy he's a guy and doesn't understand the high price of beauty. :-)

What are your splurge items? What must you have for your beauty arsenal no matter the price?

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