Friday, August 19, 2011

The Ritual of Beauty

Women do a lot of things to be beautiful.

When you really think about it out of context some of it sounds insane- shaving, waxing, plucking, tweezing, exfoliating, scrubbing...

I don't do all of these things but I sure do some that can be painful- like tweezing and plucking. I tried waxing...can you say OWWW or scream it like I did. LOL

Some might think the things I do everyday are crazy- because I have to do them.

It's my ritual. I go through stages of cleaning my face- cleanse, scrub, mask (obviously I don't do each everyday or night) then moisturize and spot treat, add special stuff like eye cream.

I just remember being little and watching my mom with her fancy jars and bottles doing her ritual face cleansing.

She was (is) a natural beauty and never wore much, if any, makeup (unlike me who fell in love with the pretty colors and possibilities makeup offers). But even though my mom didn't wear cosmetics she was very into taking care of her skin. Probably why she looks so young still even though she's into her 70s.

I thankfully inherited her skin and still look younger than my age. I think it's partially fabulous genetics and partially adherence to skin care.

My rituals make me feel good and like I care about my skin, my beauty, me.

And to be honest- it's relaxing at the end of the day to wash away the troubles and ick that accumulated all day and prepare myself to face a new day...with my best face forward.

Yes I know the saying is your best foot forward but with's all about the face.

What beauty rituals do you do to put your best face forward?

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