Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where did July go? I can’t believe summer is flying by so fast. It is August- which means back to school time.

You know this always happens to me. The 4th of July comes along then all the sudden I realize summer is almost over. I know there’s still August, which means a whole month before school starts here in Michigan but it is always so busy with doctor and dentist appointments and still trying to squeeze as much fun out of summer before it’s gone and we’re left with a long, cold, never-ending winter.

One thing I always dread is back to school shopping. And wouldn’t you know it- the stores are already doing their sales. My daughter needs a new backpacks (among other things) since hers has fallen apart. I’ve cleaned it and sewed it for the past year and a half but I think it’s on its last leg finally. So I’ve been researching eco-friendly backpacks.

So far here’s what I have found.

Hemp Sisters has a nice selection of backpacks made from hemp. I like the hemp sling bag. It’s a one strap bag, the style my daughter really wants. The sling backpack is about 16 inches from top to bottom and 12 inches left to right. This is a bag is made to hold a lot which is perfect for school books. This might be a good option for my daughter.

Organic Cotton Shoreline Backpack

The Organic Shoreline Drawstring Back Pack might be also be an option for my daughter. It is made from 100% organic cotton fiber it has adjustable straps and a heavy cord closure. I wonder if it will hold up to carrying school books.

Rubber Back Pack at Green Earth Office Supply

Green Earth Office Supply has several hemp and recycled rubber back packs. The rubber packs are made from 100% post consumer recycled tires. The hemp ones are pretty stylish. The classic back pack bagis made from 100% hemp with recycled soda bottle lining. I love the ingenuity.

Land’s End has a few heavy duty back packs that are made from 100% recycled fabric. They are durable and heavy duty. They are very practical, these packs may be what your kids need to keep organized.

Another eco-backpack option is eco-packs by Dante Beatrix. The eco-backpacks come in small and large sizes and offer a couple designs that are kinda kid friendly. The packs are made with fabric created from recycled plastic bottles and trimmed with natural canvas.

Patagonia Backpack

Patagonia offers heavy duty, durable back packs that are made from recycled plastic. They are available in a variety of colors and styles.

Have you found any eco-backpacks anywhere? If so I’d love to hear about them. Especially if they are the side sling style that my daughter is looking for.

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