Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eight Great Eco-Halloween Kid Crafts

pumpkin made from laundry bottleHalloween is so much fun. It’s a lot of fun to celebrate and there’s no stressful present buying involved. It’s just fun and games.
And crafts! Lots and lots of crafts.
Searching the web, I found a lot more great green Halloween crafts that you can do with your kids.

Dryer vent pumpkin
Like this cute dryer vent pumpkin. I have an old vent tube in my basement left over from when we replaced the hoses and vent. I’m digging it out so I can make this cute little guy.
spoon puppet, Halloween craftIf you have any wooden spoons lying around, you might enjoy making thisblack cat wooden spoon puppet.
You can find the DIY instructions at Activity Village.
eco-Halloween witch craftThe Mother Nature Network lists five eco-Halloween crafts including acorn pumpkins and this cute little cornhusk witch from
Isn’t she adorable?
I remember making cornhusk angels for Christmas when I was a kid but I’ve never made a witch. Seems much more fitting. This one’s going on my to-do list.
yogurt cup craftIf you like to crochet, this little Halloween favor basket made with a yogurt cup is quite cute. You or the kids can crochet the basket then the kids can use stickers, paper scraps or whatever you have on hand (buttons, glitter, pieces of mismatched costume jewelry, etc) to decorate the baskets with faces or other designs.

Now that’s crafty and surprisingly creepy.

paint can bucketLooking for some Halloween bucket crafts?
I love what you can do with paint cans. Here’s a great paint can Halloween bucket found on You can use it for trick or treating or Halloween decoration.
The mother-load of fun and sometimes green Halloween crafts can be found at All Free Crafts.
I can’t even begin to tell you how many Halloween craft tutorials they have (too many to count) and many are green-ish.pumpkin made from CDI like this cute pumpkin made from an old CD. I have plenty of those laying around. Now I have something to do with them.
tin can luminariesAnother fun Halloween craft found on All Free Crafts is the tin can luminaries. I know I covered some of these before but this tutorial has a couple designs to choose from. has many, many other Halloween crafts to choose from. I see quite a few that will be super easy for the kids and won’t require anything I don’t already have on hand like the egg carton bats or hand print witch hands.
What are you planning on crafting for Halloween?