Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Crafty Christmas Tree Alternatives

Mountain Dew can Christmas tree
Some hardcore environmentalists are giving up on the debate of real versus fake trees and opting for no tree at all. Have you ditched the Christmas tree in order to help save the environment?

Maybe this year you could consider a faux tree. No, I’m not talking about an artificial tree made from PVC and all kinds of nasty chemicals. I’m talking about a handmade tree made from scraps, upcycled materials and art supplies. Here are five more crafty alternatives to inspire your own Christmas creativity.

1. Soda Can Tree

First we’ll start with the most extreme handmade Christmas tree I stumbled across: it is made from empty Mountain Dew cans!

Perhaps a bit too much work for the average person but you have to admire the creativity and the end result is quite stunning

Christmas tree made from yarn

2. Yarn Tree

Over at Lion Brand they have quite a few free Christmas craft patterns including this one for a yarn tree. No knitting or crocheting required.

This is a small tree but if you have a lot of yarn you could make a bigger one. You could even take the same basic idea and instead of wrapping with yarn, try wrapping with scraps of fabric, old scarves, ribbon or a mixture of several types of fabric and even string to make a fabulously textured tree.

plywood Christmas tree

3. Wood Tree

Here’s a creative Christmas tree made from plywood. I wouldn’t use real candles on it like they did in the photo (hello fire hazard!) but the tree is kinda cute.

I also found this beautiful pattern for a wood Christmas tree. Check for the pattern.

bottle Christmas tree

4. Wine Bottle Tree

There’s no tutorial for this one but I had to show you this a wine bottle tree (or is it beer bottles?). Either way, wow that’s a lot of bottles!

5. Tomato Cage Tree

Another DIY Christmas tree tutorial I found is this video that demonstrates how to turn a tomato cage (I have tons of these) into a tree


This could be fun.

What about you? Have you decided between a real or fake tree? Or a more alternative version?

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