Sunday, November 6, 2011

Review of Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device

Description of product from website:

clears individual acne blemishes fast

Clinically proven to clear or fade acne blemishes within 24 hours

The first and only device that puts the power of three proven technologies at your fingertips, it combines the same powerful blue light technology used by dermatologists with sonic vibration and gentle warming to give you clinically proven clearing results.

No pain. No irritation. No dryness. And best of all no pimple.

How it works:

Blue Light: 414nm blue light works by producing oxygen singlets which attach to the P.acnes bacteria (acne-causing bacteria). These singlets have a phototoxic effect on key porphorins, causing the P.acnes bacteria to self-destruct

Sonic vibration: Increases microcirculation to reduce swelling and inflammation while agitating the skin to expose more of the bacteria to the light

Gentle warming: Produced by the light energy, opens pores and allows the light to reach more bacteria

My Review:

I honestly don't know if the Tanda Zap made a difference.I really wanted it to work but I didn't see a significant change either way.

When I used it on pimples they didn't seem to clear up any faster than normal.

However my son used it and said it worked great. So maybe it's just me. Maybe I expected too much.

I don't know, I really wanted it to work.

I've read about the Blue Light treatment dermatologists use- but it's supposed to kill bacteria and prevent acne not just kill acne that's already developed. I was hoping that's what this light would do, so I even gave it a go that way, using it on clear skin to help keep it clear- still didn't see any real difference. Occasionally a pimple would still appear no different than without using it.

So my review is neither good nor bad- I can't say it worked but I can't say it didn't, but my 19 year old son said it did.

So I guess it's up for you to determine if the Tanda Zap acne clearing device works for you.

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Sharon Stewart said...

I liked your very honest down to earth review of the Tanda Zap.